Physical Therapy Home Visits
714 724 2575                            IN NORTH ORANGE COUNTY
Geriatrics • Orthopedic Conditions Neurological Conditions •
Fall Prevention
• Manual Therapy

Benefits of Home Physical Therapy Visits:

  • Therapist comes directly to the patient's home
  • Save time, avoid traffic and waiting rooms
  • Focus on therapy, not transportation

Comfort and Quality
  • Familiar setting of home
  • Analysis of home environment for safety and fall prevention
  • Exercise program designed specifically to be done in home setting
  • Private, no other patients watching
  • All exercise equipment is portable and brought to the home
  • Treatment table provide for comfortable manual therapy as needed

  • The patient will see the same familiar therapist at each visit
  • One-on-one treatment by a licensed therapist for duration of visit
  • Therapist works with the medical team to ensure safety and consistency
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